Lady Gaga Brings the "Shadow Roots" Hair Trend at the Oscars

Mother monster has arrived. On March 12, Lady Gaga stepped out at the Oscars with her hair looking darker than we've recently seen. At first glance, the legendary singer looked borderline brunette, with her signature blond cut swept back into a slick braided chignon. She then turned to the side and revealed that the dynamic effect was actually created with the help of shadow roots. Her usual light-blond streaks peeked out in the back and along her sides, juxtaposing the darkness in an entirely new way.

Hair colorist Stephanie Brown previously explained to POPSUGAR that shadow roots are perfect for anyone who isn't looking to touch up their hair as often. Most impressively, they can help create a faux-ombré look, blending into the rest of the hair without all the maintenance. "Shadow roots work on any highlighted look — brunette, red, blond, or even platinum without highlights," Brown said. "Make sure your stylist tones your roots after they have been highlighted close to your natural base for an easier grow out."

The idea, as exemplified by Gaga, is that your roots don't always have to be covered up. In fact, certain styles (such as braids) can create fun visuals that wouldn't look the same without a grown-out root. On the red carpet, Gaga paired her chic updo with a sheer-black Versace gown, matching the darker tones of her hair with smoky eye makeup. And although Gaga set the bar high with this appearance, her upcoming performance of "Hold My Hand" promises at least one more showstopping look. Whether you're new to the shadow root trend, or ready to try it yourself, read on to see how Gaga made hers look high fashion on the red carpet.