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Lil Nas X Fenty Skin Routine

I Want to Be as Excited About Anything as Lil Nas X Is About His Skin-Care Routine

Lil Nas X is just as excited about his Fenty Skin products as the rest of us. The rapper and spokesmodel for the brand gave his fans a short look at his skin-care routine this week, and to the surprise of no one, his enthusiasm is palpable.

He appeared in a video on the official Fenty Skin YouTube channel where he showed viewers the simple process he goes through to apply the three products in the line, starting with the Total Cleans'r Remove-It-All Cleanser. "This is gonna remove your makeup, this is gonna give you a deep clean and it smells good," he explains in the video. Next, after removing the cleanser with a damp towel, he applies a generous amount of the Fat Water, a toner-serum hybrid that corrects dark spots and, as he briefly explains, evens out skin tone. Lastly, he goes in with the two-in-one Hydra Vizor moisturizing sunscreen.

The video clocks in at just under a minute, but it's just long enough to showcase how to properly use the products while also proving why Lil Nas X is our new favorite skinfluencer. Watch the rapper go through his full routine in the video above.

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