Lucy Hale's Short Supermodel Nails Are the Perfect Transitional Mani

Lucy Hale just gave the hottest manicure trend in Hollywood a try, and as she's a proponent of minimalist beauty, it's a perfect fit. Supermodel nails have been making the rounds over the last year and have amassed quite the list of A-lister fans, with Hale officinally joining the ranks. In a carousel of images shared on Instagram on Sept. 29, a sheer, pale-pink manicure can be seen wrapped around a to-go coffee cup.

Hale's post was in honor of National Coffee Day. Her caption read, "happy national coffee day. where there's a lucy, there's a coffee and probably a spill nearby. Bottoms up ☕️." The images that followed all feature Hale drinking coffee — and spilling on herself, her bed, the floor, and more.

As more glitzy and glamorous beauty trends make way for an understated, subtler aesthetic, supermodel nails have really shined. The manicure is characterized by a neutral, sheer wash of color and neat nail beds — no nail art to be seen. The trend is inspired by the manicures '90s supermodels often wore (hence the name) and was coined by celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik in January 2022.

In addition to the exemplary supermodel nails, Hale can be seen walking somewhere in a green puffy vest with sunglasses on, AirPods in, and a stunning stack of hoop earrings in her ears. Take a peek at Hale's light-pink nails below.