Stop the Easter Egg Hunt: Lush’s Bunny-Filled Collection Is Right Here

Lush Cosmetics
Lush Cosmetics
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When a new season comes around, sure, we think about what clothes we need to dig out from the back of our closet, or what we'll do with that extra hour of sunlight (probably still get into our PJs as soon as we get home from work), but mostly, we wonder what new season-themed products will be available at Lush.

The freshly made beauty brand has a wide variety of products available year-round, featuring bath bombs, body lotions, shampoo bars, and face masks. But when we enter a new season (or, a fun occasion like Valentine's Day), a selection of themed, limited-edition products get added to the Lush lineup, and we get excited every single time. In true Lush style, they're almost always adorable, or incredibly cheeky, and often, for a good cause.

This Easter, whether you're hoping to hunt down chocolate eggs left by the Easter bunny or not, one thing is for sure: you're going to find a cute selection of treats down the aisles of Lush, which include bath bombs that will turn your skin into a glistening gold hue and a egg-shaped shower jelly that looks good enough to eat (but please don't!). Read on to see all of the adorable 2020 Easter products available from Lush.