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Watch Madelaine Petsch's Nondominant Hand Makeup Tutorial

Watch Madelaine Petsch Apply Makeup With Her Nondominant Hand: "Oh F*ck"

"My dad thought that that would be a really interesting video for him to watch," Madelaine Petsch said at the start of her latest YouTube video, and, well, her dad's not wrong. In a new vlog, the Riverdale actress challenged herself to complete various activities, including applying her makeup, with her left hand, at the suggestion of her dad. Though her makeup didn't end up looking all that bad, it's Petsch's commentary that proved to be the most entertaining part.

"Oh f*ck — it's like actually really hard," she said while attempting to achieve feathered eyebrows and eyeliner with an angled brush. She added, "I have a question: why do we have only one hand that we can everything with? What is that about?" In the end, Petsch's eyebrows may have been a touch asymmetrical, and her eyeliner "really far away" from her lash line, but honestly, we're impressed! It seems she surprised herself, too: "They don't look their best, but they also don't look their worst."

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