I Tried Make Up For Ever's New Foundation, and It Improved My Complexion in 3 Days

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My biggest problem with foundation? Most formulas cause skin issues for me, from breakouts to flakiness. If I'm going to put something on my face, it should at least be good for my complexion, right? That's where this brand-new Make Up For Ever Reboot Active Care Revitalizing Foundation ($39) comes in. I decided to give it a try for all of last week, and the results have made me a devout believer in this stuff.

I was skeptical to try a new formula, but this one claims to brighten, smooth, hydrate, firm, and even out your skin. With so many impressive claims, I would be crazy not to test it out. Upon application, the silky foundation melted right into my pores for a natural finish. I love how buildable it is, so I could add more for fuller coverage.

Beyond it being a reliable everyday foundation, I was shocked by what I saw over time; as days went by, my skin actually did appear smoother and brighter. Any roughness or dullness was completely gone by day three. This product truly does what it says it will. Upon further research, I learned that it contains ginseng, which supports natural collagen health. It also contains camellia japonica (you know it, we're talking about the flower), which gives you a glowy effect. I'm so happy with the results, I've been using this brand every single day since.

Read on to check out the bottle and shades (it comes in 24, yay!), then try it out for yourself. Your skin will thank you.