This Man Styled His Grandma's Hair While Her Salon Was Closed, and Now I'm Emotional

I'd just like to say that the only things getting me through this very unusual time are unbelievably sweet viral videos — like this one of this TikTok user giving his grandmother a full spa day as they shelter in place at home. The video was posted by user Matthew Stewart, and it shows him turning his Florida home into a beauty shop for his grandma since, according to a note in the video, her regular salon is temporarily closed.

"GB needed her hair done," he wrote. "I told her I'd give it my best shot." In the video, Stewart washes his grandma's hair, gives her a blowout, and even makes her a mimosa to give her the full spa experience. He later slightly curls her hair and finishes things off with a little hairspray to hold everything in place. I don't know about you, but I've watched this video a total of 18 times already, and it's still making me emotional.

Watch the full video above for an instant pick-me-up.