"Marmalade Blond" Is the Delicious Fall Hair Color That'll Give You Summer Flashbacks

  • "Marmalade blond" is a warm golden blond color.
  • The shade is set to be one of the biggest hair-color trends this fall and winter.
  • It is ideal for anyone with naturally dark to light blond hair.

As much as we love a moody hair color to kick off the start of fall, some hair colors are perfect for those of us who want to cling onto summer long after the season ends. "Marmalade blond," for example, is a hair color trend that can add some intensity and brightness to your look even after the temperature dips.

"This jammy shade is a dimensional blond created with multiple layers of warmth," Leianna Hillo, lead colorist at eSalon, told POPSUGAR. "It's medium blond, natural golden as a base color, with added golden to copper-toned balayage throughout the length."

"Marmalade blond" is an ideal color for anyone whose hair is naturally dark or light blond, and it's one of the better options if you'd rather go lighter in the fall without committing to too stark of a transformation in the form of platinum blond. To get the look, Hillo recommends seeing a professional colorist and asking for "a medium blond base color enhanced with natural golden tones."

She added: "Let your colorist know you are interested in adding additional dimension with warmth by adding balayage or highlights. Also, specify whether you prefer your color to reflect more natural (golden) or intense (copper) warmth, so they know exactly how much to add to your formula." If you're not quite sure what you want, Hillo also recommends starting subtle in the event that you want to "amp up the warmth later."

Check out some examples of the "marmalade blond" hair color ahead.