The Claws Are Out This Halloween — See Megan Thee Stallion's Bone-Chilling X-Ray Manicure

Hello? Is this 1-800-XRAY-MANIS? Megan Thee Stallion just reminded me that my nails are in dire need of a Halloween makeover, and I'd like to book an appointment for the skeleton special stat. As the rest of us settle into the cool October chill, Megan is going hard on the Halloween nail art this spooky season, and her latest X-ray manicure is an ode to all things spooky.

The look, created by nail artist Coca Michelle, features different parts of the human anatomy on each nail, including a spine, pelvis, neck, hands, and skulls. Outlined in shades of blue against a black background, the art creates a trippy X-ray effect, and the glow-in-the-dark illusion makes it a little bit impossible to look away. In true hot-girl fashion, every other nail is also dotted with a single silver rhinestone, making even the spookiest manicure look icy.

If Megan's Jack Skellington-inspired pumpkin moment is anything to go by, the rest of her October looks are about to be a Halloween Pinterest dream come true. Get lost in Megan's hypnotic skeleton nails ahead, and bask in her scary-cool blood-dripping manicure here.