Someone Made Men Name a Bunch of Beauty Products on TikTok, and . . . LOL

Nothing makes you feel like a beauty pro quite like realizing you know more about beauty products than the next person — even if that person is someone who doesn't regularly wear makeup. One TikTok user named Kennedy Mills, for example, recently shared a hilarious video that shows her quizzing a man on his knowledge of beauty and feminine-care products. In the short clip, she shows him photos of things like a Beautyblender, a diffuser, and even a menstrual cup to try to get him to identify what each one is. As you could probably guess, he has quite a tough time.

To be fair, diffusers do look pretty strange, and I probably wouldn't know what to call one if I were seeing it for the first time either, so we can cut him some slack. (We might need some answers on why he thought that Beautyblender was a tube of lip balm, though.) Mills followed up with a second video asking another person about the same products, and that guy was able to get two out of five correct.

Watch the original video above for a quick laugh.