This Unexpected Item From Your Closet Is the Key to Perfect Mermaid Makeup

Transforming into a mermaid isn't as difficult as it seems — even if you lack a large flipper. By using pantyhose from your wardrobe, you can replicate the look of a shimmering sea goddess. Makeup artist Monica Rose MUA showcased this easy hack in a gorgeous tutorial on Instagram.

She prepared her mystical beauty look by accenting her eyes with oceanic blue and purple eye shadows. But instead of just finishing her style with mermaid-like lids, she created glistening scales on her face with a pair of fishnet stockings.

Monica pulled the tights over her face and dusted along the openings with blue, green, and purple eye shadows to create a scale-like pattern. To bring the entire aquatic look to life, she accented her cheekbones with flecks of white glitter and colorful face jewels. She completed her costume with a seafoam wig and seashell hair accents.

Not only is her transformation absolutely mesmerizing to watch, but the stocking hack is also easy enough for anyone to master (regardless of your level of makeup skill). Watch along and practice your own bespoke mermaid look at home using these ocean-inspired beauty products.