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Michael Kors Wishes in a Bottle Guide to Staying Positive

4 Ways to Stay Positive Throughout the Holidays and Into the New Year

Looking for a little hope in the new year? We've partnered with Michael Kors to share exactly how you can stay positive when you need it most.

It's no secret that this year has challenged us and our optimism in new ways. Although 2020 didn't turn out exactly how we expected, there's still time left to make it — and the year to come — great. In fact, we'd argue that now is the most important time to be vigilant about our optimistic opportunities wherever we can find them or, in some cases, make them.

A new year plus positive thinking and at-home activities will make a big difference for you throughout the holiday season and into 2021. Luckily, we have some suggestions that are sure to make life brighter for the next few months and beyond, all of which consist of good vibes only.


Whether you've spent the last several months alone in your home or moved back in with your parents, your family can be a remedy for feeling listless. Connecting with relatives — aunts, cousins, grandparents, etc. — is one activity you may have overlooked last spring while keeping yourself occupied at home, but it's one way to promote optimism.

Before you stress about having to get on yet another video call, we have an alternative suggestion: pick up the phone or write a letter! After all, time often feels like it's stopped completely this year, so why not get excited about snail mail like you once did when you had a pen pal half a world away? You'll quickly feel nostalgic in the best way possible and soon welcome the sudden excitement you feel when you notice a new envelope in the mail.

If you once spent most of your free time volunteering or had hoped to get involved with an organization you admire before 2020 began, now is the right time. While it's more difficult to do good in person, there are opportunities online. The first obvious option is to donate to causes you're passionate about. But have you ever considered donating in a different way, something you could accomplish from home? For example, if you're an experienced writer or graphic designer, you may consider offering your talents for a nonprofit organization looking to get the word out there and make some waves on social media with engaging copy or shareable designs.

Other options include additional part-time work as a volunteer crisis counselor; donating necessities such as water, food, or masks to local efforts; fundraising by sending emails or writing letters; or ordering takeout from small businesses in your neighborhood as a helpful effort to support your community. These are positive actions at their best. Not only will you be spreading positivity, but you'll be feeling it, too.

Working from home used to feel like a treat, especially if you had the chance to do so on Fridays, but now that working remotely is the norm for many people, it can be a very isolating experience. Even though many companies have adopted virtual and video conferencing, it's not the same as spending time at the office, chatting in the kitchen during lunch, and the like. This may cause some of us to become unmotivated and sluggish about our work responsibilities, but a solid solution includes engaging with coworkers online.

If it seems simple, it is; it also can have a huge impact on your mood throughout the day as well as morale. If your company has organizations or clubs you can join, join them. If it offers volunteer opportunities, mark them on your calendar. If there are virtual happy hours (and that's your thing), get your cocktail ready at home and enjoy. Not only will you make a friend or two, but there's a good chance the quality of your work will improve, too. Positive output creates positive input, right?

Experts have said that leaning into your creative side promotes emotional well-being. Even just one creative activity a day can positively impact your mood and social relationships. Think: brushing up on your musical skills, picking up a camera and taking pictures of everything, or making some visual arts.

In case you've already exhausted your adult coloring books or painted every accent wall in your apartment, the Michael Kors Wishes in a Bottle destination page is here to provide additional inspiration. Here, you can flex your creative muscle in a whole new way by designing a one-of-a-kind wish — whether it's for yourself or another person in your life — on a Michael Kors Wonderlust bottle. Think of this as your introduction to the holiday spirit, especially if good tidings have felt a bit delayed this year.

Even though many of us are spending the holidays away from loved ones, the Wishes in a Bottle campaign is sure to keep spirits bright. Not only does it offer up a chance to think about what you want to give to your family and friends this year, but it also helps you focus on all of the good in your life using a new and unique creative outlet. Better still, there's no limit on what you can illustrate on the Wonderlust bottle or how many times you can visit the destination page to bring your wishes to life.