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Mint Makeup, Skin Care, and Body Care

Feel Minty Fresh From Head to Toe With These Indulgent Beauty Finds

Signs that you may be mint-obsessed: You think any ice cream flavor but mint chocolate chip is a mistake. Your favorite way to wind down at night is with a cup of Moroccan mint tea. For you, happy hour is synonymous with mojito hour. The idea of having to choose between a ton of mints and minty gum makes you nervous, and your bedroom is filled with enough mint green throw blankets and pillows to make a leprechaun jealous.

If the above feels *all too real* to you, then you know it's impossible to have too much mint in your life. And if you're not (yet!) deep into this ingredient, color, and scent, then why not add a little mint to your beauty routine? Just the scent of it can brighten your mood, perk up your energy, and make you feel good all over. As a makeup hue, it's pretty sweet, too; the playful, unexpected color can look demure or daring, depending on your mood. Find out for yourself, with a few top-of-the-line finds in makeup, skin care, and self-care—all with a healthy dose of mint.

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