This Nail Art Method Makes Intricate Patterns Ridiculously Easy to DIY

Nail art is a staple at music festivals. It's a way to express yourself without having to commit to overly trendy clothes or insane hairstyles. Nail artist Aja Wada created a look that's par for the course when it comes to a concert weekend: it's bright yet understated, and while there is an intricate design included, it's ridiculously easy to replicate.

Aja used a stamping plate to complete the look. All you do is paint the polish on the design you want to put on the nail, then use the stamper to "pick up" the polish off the plate, and press it onto your nail. It's a quick process that delivers instant "wow!" factor for little time or effort.

Check out the design, and let us know which shades you'd try this out with!

Nails by Aja Wada.