Even Supermodel Naomi Campbell Struggles to Get Her Brows to Look Perfect

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Naomi Campbell may be one of the most famous supermodels in the world, but even she deals with a few beauty struggles that most of us can relate to as well. The model recently teamed up with beauty guru Jackie Aina to deliver an epic, two-part crossover video on YouTube, and in doing so, she revealed that though she enjoys doing her own makeup, she's not the best at doing her brows.

"The one thing I cannot do is eyebrows," she said when talking about her everyday routine. She mentioned later on in the clip that shaping and filling in her eyebrows are actually two of her least favorite parts about putting on makeup, and some makeup artists she's worked with have struggled with giving her the look that she wants. Thankfully though, since she's Naomi Campbell, she has at least one reliable person on call who happens to be a huge help to her in that department.

"As long as my eyebrows are done by the one and only Anastasia," she said of Anastasia Beverly Hills founder Anastasia Soare. "She's the only person I let touch my eyebrows in the world. As long they're done, then I can do the other stuff." Check out Campbell's comments in the video above.