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The Inspiration for the Hairstyles in Netflix's Night Teeth

There's a Beauty Detail in Night Teeth That the Film's Hairstylist Hopes You Never Notice

The Inspiration for the Hairstyles in Netflix's Night Teeth
Image Source: Netflix

If you haven't joined Benny Perez (Jorge Lendeborg Jr.) on a thrilling late-night drive with Blaire (Debby Ryan) and Zoe (Lucy Fry) in Night Teeth yet, there's still time to watch it on Netflix. The movie may have come out right before Halloween, but it's the type of fun, action-packed thriller you can watch year-round. The drama that unfolds over the course of a single night is packed with vampires, an old rivalry, light romance, and some save-worthy beauty looks to round it out.

While the movie primarily follows Blaire and Zoe's adventures, fellow vampires Grace (Megan Fox) and Eva (Sydney Sweeney) make an appearance, and each has a very distinct look. When it comes to their personalities, Zoe, Grace, and Eva are incredibly bold while Blaire is much more innocent, and that plays out in their hair and makeup.

Ahead, the show's head hairstylist, Natalie Rose, breaks down the inspiration for each character in Night Teeth.

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