Niall Horan, a Burgeoning Skin-Care Influencer?

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You might know Niall Horan as a singer, but we're here to tell you that he just might be embarking on a new career as a beauty influencer. The former One Direction star posted a video on TikTok on Jan. 28 giving fans insight into his skin-care routine, and quite frankly, it's a post to rival some of the best in the game.

"My top two requests on a regular basis are 'Niall, give us new music' and 'Niall, what's your skin-care routine?" he says directly into the camera. "On skin I don't really know why, on music I understand why. I'm about to give you one of those, so here we go." Next, Horan begins his daily routine, starting with face wash, and declares, "I am a skin-care influencer."

He starts with the Sarah Chapman Ultimate Cleanse ($86) balm before moving onto the Sarah Chapman Eye Recovery ($89) cream. As he rubs it around his eyes, perhaps a little too vigorously if we're going to be picky, he jokes that he'll be getting calls from all the major skin-care brands after his new video.

Horan moves onto the Sarah Champman Intense Hydrating Booster ($110) serum, which he accompanies with the profound quip, "As I always say: look fab, feel fab." (True.) For the final step in the Horan influencer video, he uses the Sarah Champman Comfort Cream D-Stress ($108) recovery cream, declaring that he is now "glowing." He finishes the tutorial like any other beauty pro, telling followers, "Tune back into my channel for more skin-care tips."

Fans naturally flocked to the comments, with many demanding a Horan beauty brand titled Look Fab Feel Fab. Could he be following in the footsteps of Brad Pitt and Idris Elba in launching a men's skin-care line? Maybe . . . while of course his new path as a beauty influencer is very much welcomed, he's not turning his back on music just yet. Horan is releasing his first solo single in three years, "Heaven," which is due to be released on Feb. 17. The Irish star released a duet called "Our Song" with Anne-Marie back in 2021, but it's been a while since we've had some new Horan tunes.

When it comes to the next stages in his career, let's not forget that his fellow One Direction star Harry Styles has his Pleasing collection, so surely it's only a matter of time before he snaps his old pal Horan up to collaborate on a beauty campaign? Watch Niall Horan's skin-care routine in full below.