Help, I Can't Stop Watching This Wild Video of Nicole Richie's Hair Catching Fire on Her Birthday

Life comes at you fast. One minute you're blowing out the candles on a cake displaying your childhood photo in celebration of your 40th birthday, and the next you're extinguishing your hair. Such is what recently happened to sweet Nicole Richie, and she was kind enough to share footage of the wild moment she realized her hair was on fire, as well as the chaotic few seconds that ensued.

The video quickly raked in views — it's got nearly two million at press time — and comments from several celebrities including Katy Perry, Kelly Rowland, Amy Schumer, her husband Joel Madden, sister Sofia Richie, and Paris Hilton. Richie's hairstylist Gregory Russell also wrote, "STOP!!! AGAIN?!?!" This leads us to believe that this has happened before. We'd advise Richie to keep her famous curls away from all flammables.