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16 Nonbinary Haircut Ideas

Nonbinary Haircuts to Try For a New Look

16 Nonbinary Haircut Ideas
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  • If you're looking for a nonbinary haircut, you have options.
  • Hair has no gender, and therefore picking your next hairstyle shouldn't be limited by gender norms.
  • A hairstylist is sharing tips for picking the best androgynous haircut for you.

Finding the right haircut for you should be a completely personal decision, free from others' judgments, opinions, and — most importantly — gender stereotypes. Hair doesn't have a gender by nature, but we as a society have decided short haircuts are for boys and long hair is for girls. But it's time to break those gender norms and go with whatever haircut makes you feel your best.

If you're on the hunt for a new gender-neutral haircut that makes you feel like your most authentic self, it can be hard to know where to begin. "Really, this should be a fully customizable experience each and every time you visit the salon or shop, no matter how you identify," Jamie DiGrazia, hairstylist and owner of Logan Parlor Salon in Chicago, tells POPSUGAR. "It is not necessary to gender a service, language, haircut shape, or person inside the salon — or in life, really."

Logan Parlor offers gender-free consultations and haircuts at gender-free prices. "We want to deliver a great haircut that is tailored to fit your needs and desires," DiGrazia says. But if you're not based in Chicago, fear not. She has tips for finding an LGBTQ+-friendly salon near you. "Look up in your local LGBTQ+ community guide or contact your local chamber of commerce to find a great LGBTQ-owned and -operated salon," she says.

The Best Nonbinary Haircuts

It's important to know you have options in terms of androgynous haircut ideas. DiGrazia says the best haircut usually mixes different elements inside one shape. "You can take the top five trending haircuts and mash them all up, take the parts of each that you like the most, and create something altogether new [and] fresh."

If you have a lot of hair, "perhaps you shave part of it away to allow more movement and flow through the hair," DiGrazia says. Other favorite styles include graphic designs in faded sides, mullets, shags, and face-framing fringe.

To see more nonbinary haircuts, keep scrolling for inspirational pixie cuts, bixies, locs, bowl cuts, and more.

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