The Ombré Concealer Hack Will Get You That Kylie Jenner Flush in Seconds

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One thing about me? I'm gunna try a makeup hack. Whether it's disco eyeshadow or white foundation to give me a "filtered" look — you name it, I'm going to do it. Certain ones definitely get my attention over others, though, and so is the case with the latest one trending on TikTok: the ombré concealer hack.

In a video by TikToker Miss Evelyn, the makeup artist used four different shades under her eyes: two dots of concealer in a lighter color and one that was closer to her skin tone, as well as two shades of blush. The result was a gorgeous orange undereye effect that mimicked the Kylie Jenner high blush trend that took the app by storm last year. It's a look I've personally never been able to master, so this new method seemed right up my alley to finally give me the blush and concealer combination of my dreams. Read ahead for my experience with the hack as well as tips on getting the look at home.

How to Do the Ombré Concealer Hack

POPSUGAR Photography | Ariel Baker

To start, I gathered my materials: the E.l.f. Hydrating Camo Concealer ($7) in the shade Tan Sand, the One/Size Beauty Concealer ($28) in Medium Deep Four, the Juvia's Place Liquid Blush ($18) in Marigold, and the Ole Henrickson Banana Bright Vitamin CC Stick ($34) in Pumpkin.

Following Evelyn's lead, I started with the lightest concealer from E.l.f and worked my way up to the darkest "blush" shade, which was the deep-orange color corrector. Given that they weren't all complementary shades of orange like hers, I knew it wouldn't be the deep flush of color she got. Still, I kept the faith and decided to blend the colors together for the final look.

Does the Ombré Concealer Hack Work?

POPSUGAR Photography | Ariel Baker

After starting with my right eye, I realized I needed to blend in place to keep the actual gradient under my eyes. So I took my Juvia's Place I Am Magic Sponge ($14) and made sure to buff out each dot going horizontally to keep the majority of the product in place while simultaneously blending the edges into the next color. This gave a much better gradient, allowing me to actually see the full transition of color.

Since one of my blushes was a bit more pink than orange, the color that I ended up with was more in line with those pinkish tones. As a result, I decided to use the One Size Beauty Setting Powder ($34) in the shade Ultra Pink to make the color subtly stand out even more.

When everything was done, I had a really pretty soft pink undereye look that was bright but not ashy, and I absolutely loved it. If this is a trend you'd like to re-create at home, I'd definitely recommend using a brush to blend the combination rather than a sponge, as the more compact bristles will make the process much more seamless. This is a look I would definitely wear more readily with a full face, but I could just as easily see it being paired with a light skin tint, brushed-up brows, and lip gloss — i.e. my perfect summer makeup look.

Due to the number of steps required to actually apply the concealer, this isn't something I'd do every single day, simply because I'm often in a rush when I'm doing my makeup. Still, it's a practically foolproof way to get the blushed-undereye look that's currently having a moment, so this is a hack I'll definitely be keeping on hand for when I want a head-turning makeup moment.