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Overtone Pink For Brown Hair Review

Does Overtone's Nonbleaching Hair Dye Actually Work on Brunettes? I Tried It to Find Out

Overtone Pink For Brown Hair Review
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Tara Block

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When I was 15, I very unwisely used Sun In on my dark-brown hair, which transformed the color into a splotchy, orange-tinted mess. My mom helped pay a professional to fix it with a proper highlight job (thanks, Mom!), but after that scarring experience, I decided maybe brunette was best. Twenty years later, no bleach or color has touched my hair.

Flash forward to today, and we've come a long way since those Sun In days with the quality of at-home hair coloring. Ever since Overtone released a brunette-specific, bleach-free hair-coloring conditioner, I'd been dye-ing (sorry, I had to) to see if it'd actually work on my dark-brown virgin hair. When the company sent its brand-new Overtone Pink For Brown Hair Complete System ($47) to our office, it felt like the sign I'd been waiting for.

Ahead, read my step-by-step process and review of the new product, and see the results for yourself.

One more note: none of the photos have been edited or filtered, so you can see what the color actually looks like IRL.

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