This Friends Advent Calendar From Amazon Is Full of Bath Goodies Chandler Would Love

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If you're like Chandler Bing, you'd probably agree that an ideal, relaxing bath involves delicious bath salts, soothing candles, fluffy bubbles, the works. Luckily, there's a Friends-themed Advent calendar out there that can help create that perfect bath experience for you (or the Central Perk fan in your life). UK wholesaler Paladone is selling a bath and body Advent calendar on Amazon that's filled with 12 scented bath salts, body washes, bath bombs, and even a loofah. And to top off your spa day, it even includes lip balms, hand cream, and nail files.

While there's only about a week until Christmas, this bundle still makes for an adorable gift or stocking stuffer for fans of the iconic sitcom. With scents ranging from golden raspberry to honeysuckle, get ready for a sweet spa day. Take a closer look and shop the fun Advent calendar ahead.