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Pam & Tommy Cast: The Beauty Looks Compared to Real Life

The Beauty Moments in "Pam & Tommy" Are Scarily Accurate

Pam & Tommy Cast: The Beauty Looks Compared to Real Life

Image Source: Hulu/ Erin Simkin

  • Hulu's "Pam & Tommy" chronicles Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's relationship.
  • Anderson and Lee were also '90s beauty icons and championed everything from skinny brows to tattoos to the french manicure.
  • Ahead are a few moments when the beauty looks from "Pam & Tommy" accurately reflected real life.

The premiere of "Pam & Tommy" on Feb. 2 has renewed interest in Hollywood's biggest couple in the mid-'90s. Played by Lily James and Sebastian Stan, "Pam & Tommy" chronicles Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's relationship leading up to and after their sex tape was leaked. Though well known in their respective fields at the time, both Anderson and Lee were also revered for their bold beauty choices in a time when media was much more conservative. Anderson's platinum-blond hair, dark lip liner, and smoky eye makeup became her signature look, while Lee was the epitome of a Hollywood "bad boy" with his extensive collection of tattoos.

Not only does the series give a closer look into the early days of Anderson and Lee's relationship, but it also brings back memories of those quintessential '90s beauty looks. Still, you might be wondering: just how accurate are these beauty moments to their real-life counterparts? Upon further investigation, it turns out, extremely accurate. From Lee's tattoo placements to Anderson's signature waves, no detail was missed in the making of this show.

Don't just take our word for it. We decided to compare real pictures of Anderson and Lee to their characters in the series, and let's just say, we're putting in our vote for "Pam & Tommy"'s hair and makeup team to win big at the Emmys this year. See "Pam & Tommy"'s beauty looks in real life, ahead.

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