How to Have Sassy Nails, According to YouTuber Patrick Starrr

Instagram | patrickstarrr
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Patrick Starrr is every bit as fabulous as his impeccably flared lashes, perfectly contoured cheekbones, and intricately bedazzled nails. Through his tutorials, the YouTube vlogger has taught us a thing — or 50 — about the best new foundations, how to contour like the Kardashians, and how to be more self-confident. But it wasn't until his first-ever nail collaboration, as part of the #ColorCurator collection with Formula X, that his vibrant personality translated into physical form.

Together, Starrr and the Sephora brand launched three limited-edition nail polishes inspired by the social media star's passion and signature style. Not surprisingly, the trio of pinks — including a bright fuschia, a peony pink, and a hot-pink glitter polish ($13 each) — are as fun and fantastic as he is. But beware: they're on sale until they sell out, so shop quickly. Keep reading to get the scoop straight from Patrick on his nail-care tips and the ultimate manicure sin.

POPSUGAR: How often are you changing up your nail look?

Patrick Starrr: I change my nail looks about every month or so!

PS: A month? How do you get your manicure to last that long?

Starrr: I use The System from FORMULA X ($32)! It includes everything from a nail cleanser (CLEANSE), base coat (PRIME), your choice of nail color, and top coat (SHINE). Your nails will last forever!

PS: How long does one of your fabulous manicures take?

Starrr: I'm definitely a chatterbox! I love talking to my nail girls all the time — so usually my manicures take about two or even three hours!

PS: What's your most favorite nail design you ever created?

Starrr: I just love my nail design from February (seen here)! I used all of the pink polishes I curated with FORMULA X for their #ColorCurators program. "She Better Werk," a soft peony pink; "Lucky Starr," a hot-pink glitter; and "Yazzz," a bold fuchsia. And of course added a sparkly touch to it, you know, for the effect.

PS: What's your go-to shape?

Starrr: For me, I just want my hands to look skinny and mini so I go for the claw nails.

PS: Were you ever a nail biter? Be honest.

Starrr: I am guilty of biting my nails ever since I was young. But it's a big NO-NO in nail care. Never bite or pick your cuticles! It's a sin!

PS: If there's one thing you'd preach in the name of nail care, what would it be?

Starrr: Your nails should ALWAYS be clean and polished — whether it's clear or colorful! And cuticle oil every day . . . if not every hour!

PS: Where do you get your inspiration for your nail designs?

Starrr: I usually leave my inspiration up to my nail artists! I always give them creative freedom to do what they want.