Hopefully This Pennywise Bath Bomb Won't Summon a Visit From the Clown Himself

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For anyone in the mood to treat themselves to a sinister self-care day, Etsy is a treasure trove filled with all sorts of creepy products that'll give your bath time a spooky twist. Take these Pennywise bath bombs, for instance, which are currently being sold on the site by a user named Naturalle Solutions. The bath bombs are hand-painted to look like It's resident villain, Pennywise the clown, and they're made with baking soda, sugar, and natural oils like grapeseed and coconut, among other ingredients. According to the product description, they also have an earthy Dragon's Blood scent, and even though they have a bright red hue, they won't stain your bath tub.

Pennywise bath bombs are available for $7 on Etsy for a limited time and are safe to use on sensitive skin. Shop the fizzy product ahead.