Pharrell's Skin-Care Routine Includes a Tip He Once Learned From Naomi Campbell

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We've been frantically waiting for Pharrell Williams to share his beauty secrets with us for what feels like ages now, and in the last few weeks he's done more than deliver. Not only has he recently revealed the launch of his new skin-care brand, Humanrace, but the producer also shared his morning skin-care routine in a video for Vogue — and honestly, we finally feel at peace.

Williams started off the eight-minute video by washing his face with the Humanrace Rice Powder Cleanser ($32, available Nov. 25), explaining that he first became interested in skin care 20 years ago. "I met [dermatologist] Elena Jones through a good friend, and I wanted to understand more about skin health," he said before getting into the philosophy behind why skin care has become so important to him. "Taking a shower is for your body, but your face? That's the thing that people communicate with, and your face is only as good as the energy that comes from behind it."

He also stressed the importance of committing to a consistent skin-care routine while using the Lotus Enzyme Exfoliant ($46, available Nov. 25), another upcoming product from Humanrace. "I exfoliate like a madman," he said. "Removing those dead layers of skin as much as you can — that's what keeps you fresh."

Williams has also taken a lot of what he knows about skin care from other icons. While exfoliating, he did his best impression of Naomi Campbell and threw out a tip that he once learned from the supermodel about applying product. "Naomi used to say it all the time, 'Pharrell, when you wash your face, you go upward, not downward. Gravity,'" he said.

Next, he applies the Humanrace Humidifying Cream ($48, available Nov. 25) before ending his routine with the Isdin Tinted Mineral Sunscreen ($66) and the Chanel Rogue Coco Baume Hydrating Lip Balm ($38). Watch Williams's full routine in the video above.