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Best Beauty Products For July 2014 | Summer Shopping

Look Chic in the Heat With These New Must Haves For July

I love makeup because it allows me to unleash my inner artist. Some women roll their eyes at the thought of mixing BB cream with foundation to get their perfect shade; I revel in it. I love mixing bronzer into moisturizer, creating my own lip gloss, and adding SPF into my favorite tinted moisturizer. So, just like any other artist, I appreciate having the tools to create these makeup masterpieces.

BeautyBlender just debuted its sur.face pro palette ($40), a workspace to remix your favorite beauty staples. Currently I have foundation, BB cream, highlighter, blush, and bronzer in my wells. It comes with a spatula so you won't use more than you need, a convenient place to rest your BeautyBlender, and you can even label each well with a dry erase marker.

— KJ
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