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Harley Viera-Newton Beauty Interview

Harley Viera-Newton Spills Her Summer Beauty Secrets

PS: If you have a Sunday afternoon free, what is a beauty treat for you?

HVN: Getting a manicure and pedicure; I feel like it's such a moment to myself. I can’t use my phone, so I'm sort of peaceful for half an hour.

PS: Do you have a go-to nail color for this Summer?

HVN: I always do either a red or pale pink. I used to do really crazy nail art, but all of a sudden the classic nail became attractive to me. It matches with everything.

PS: Do you have any tips for taking an Instagram selfie?

HVN: I try not to take things seriously; I’ll try to show what I am doing or my friends or for work — I think candid moments are the best.

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