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Korean Skin Care Steps

How to Do Korean Skin Care in Less Than 12 Steps

Korean Skin Care Steps
Image Source: Julep

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Now that we have the Korean ritual in three steps, I had to ask: what are we, as American women, doing wrong in our own skin care regimens? Turns out, the lazy-girl route is the culprit — specifically makeup-remover wipes, which we've been told is a great alternative to washing our faces if we're too tired to cleanse.

"[Makeup-remover wipes] are typically made with harsh ingredients and require vigorous scrubbing to remove your makeup, especially mascara and waterproof eyeliner," Jane noted. "Even though it seems more convenient, stay away from anything that requires you to go to town on your delicate eye area! Just say no! If you strip out all the moisture from your most sensitive skin, the rest of your routine won't be as effective because you'll have caused a lot more damage to repair."

Ladies, now that you have the Korean skin care information, the rest is up to you!

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