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Carmen Carrera Beauty Tips | Interview

Meet the Transgender Mom Who Wants to Be a Victoria's Secret Angel

Carmen Carrera Beauty Tips | Interview

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PS: What is it like being a mom and teaching your children about being transgender?

CC: My 11-year-old just got her period so I get to go through those experiences with her even though I never got the chance. I still get to go through that with her and hold her hand through the process. To her, I’m not trans. I’m just her stepmom. And then my 7-year-old is just like me. She’s rambunctious and has a little attitude about her. And I see myself in these kids and that’s rewarding to me. We don’t ever have the trans conversation; they know but it’s something that they’re just like “OK!” It’s more about the other stuff, like school and their day-to-day life, and I know as a parent, I’m preparing them for this world. So I feel lucky that I can prepare these two small people to walk the planet and eventually be successful.

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