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Carmen Carrera Beauty Tips | Interview

Meet the Transgender Mom Who Wants to Be a Victoria's Secret Angel

Carmen Carrera Beauty Tips | Interview

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PS: What was your hardest part of your transition?

CC: I would say functioning in a society that knows I'm trans. When they don’t know I’m trans it’s just like, “OK, we see you as equal." But when they know you get a whole bunch of other questions and then you see a lot of other people’s insecurities come out through their judgement. My brain and my spirit is that of a female, I just so happened to be born with a blemish. So why does that get in the way of me being able to fit in with the rest of the female population? It’s not about being trans, I have girl problems, I have man problems, beauty problems, weight problems — I got all those problems!

PS: What advice would you give someone who is transitioning?

CC: I would say that if it’s something they really want to do, just go for it wholeheartedly. And find a support group. Anyone that’s struggling should know that the struggle is not real, it’s actually fake — life is real. They need to know that it’s temporary because the longer you sit and struggle, the less time you’ll have to enjoy the rest of your life.

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