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New Year's Beauty Resolutions 2018

10 New Year's Beauty Resolutions That You Can Actually Stick To

New Year's Beauty Resolutions 2018

A step we often skip that can end up with disastrous effects is leaving our tools filled with bacteria-growing makeup and skin care still on them. Invest in a great brush cleaner, and this resolution will be so easy to follow.

As a professional makeup artist, the thought of cleaning all of my brushes after a wedding or a photo-shoot day would be daunting. Now that I have the best product ever invented, I can quickly clean all of my brushes. The It Cosmetics Brush Love Skin Loving Brush Cleanser ($20) — which has antibacterial properties — can be spritzed onto brushes and makeup will literally pour out of your brushes onto a paper towel.

The best part is that after all of this cleaning, the brushes are instantly dry. No more laying brushes out to dry overnight. Make this a 2018 priority.

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