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Cool Braid Ideas for Summer

We're Calling It: This Braid Is Going to Be the Biggest Hair Trend of the Summer

Cool Braid Ideas for Summer

Ever love something so much, you want a gazillion? That's us with the braided center part — although it's probably best to start with three. "Typical three-strand French braids are probably the easiest type of braid to do," Vaccaro said, adding that he likes to leave the rest of the hair in beachy waves. You can also throw in some hair accessories (like the braid chains you see here).

"To do the French braid, grab three sections of hair; take the end section and bring it over the middle section. Do the same thing on the opposite side. Then feed hair into each side section while following the same motions. Once it's secured with clear elastics, tightly tug on the braid to give it fullness and texture."

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