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Should You Use a Loofah?

3 Dermatologists Weigh In on If You Should Use a Loofah

Should You Use a Loofah?
Image Source: Getty / Flavio Coelho

Dr. Bhanusali gives a hard pass on loofahs. "They harbor bacteria and debris which can lead to breakouts and possibly even infections," he said. He's also not a fan of physical exfoliants such as this one. "Most derms tend to steer away from physical scrubs — they are abrasive and can cause microtrauma to the skin," he said.

Dr. Nussbaum however, says they're fine as long as long as you make sure they're clean and you use them gently. "Exfoliated skin needs a little extra TLC during and after the exfoliation to make sure it's protected from damage," she said. "Use a moisturizing body wash like Olay Ribbons ($5) directly to the loofah and gently start rubbing it in circular motions on your skin, with a firm but even pressure."

She also recommends drying yourself off in a patting motion and following it up with body lotion.

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