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Beyoncé's Makeup Artist Sir John Interview

Beyoncé's Makeup Artist Sir John Makes a Case For Wearing Makeup Right Now

Beyoncé's Makeup Artist Sir John Interview
Image Source: Courtesy of Sir John

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The beauty of doing your makeup for you is all of the rules go out the window. If you want to pare down your routine to the bare minimum and get the most out of the least amount of products, Sir John has the perfect routine focused around letting your real skin show and strategically using your highlighter. All you need: your base, brow gel, highlighter, a lip product, and mascara.

For your base, Sir John recommended a BB or CC cream or tinted moisturizer for its ease and maneuverability. If all you have is something full coverage, you can fix that, easy. "If you feel like your foundation is too heavy, you can sheer it out with a really nice water-based moisturizer, something that's not too heavy," he said. "If you feel like your foundation doesn't stay on a long time and you don't want to use a primer, just opt for a water-based mattifying moisturizer. A mattifying moisturizer will keep your foundation on hours longer."

He's also a fan of a statement brow — one with brushed-up hair that naturally gives the illusion of fuller, bushy eyebrows. When it comes to highlighting, he cautioned you to be strategic. "When I say highlight, I mean making sure that the sides of your face are glowy, not the tip of your nose," Sir John said. "A lot of people on YouTube shine up the tip of their nose, but that's not really the goal. It's really just a little bit of shine on the bridge, in the tear ducts, the Cupid's bow." Last but not least, a pop of color on the lips and "tons of mascara," as Sir John put it.

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