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Beauty Founders' Favorite Indie Beauty Brands

Here Are the Indie Beauty Brands to Try ASAP, According to Other Indie Brand Founders

Beauty Founders' Favorite Indie Beauty Brands
Image Source: Courtesy of Dr. Kristian Henderson

Julie Schott's playful and Instagrammable brand Starface is known for its fun star-shaped pimple patches. In a similar vein, one of her favorite indie brands, Slayfire Cosmetics, makes earth-friendly glitters that are perfect for selfies (and amazing beauty looks, of course). "When I first landed on Slayfire Cosmetics' page, I assumed the brand was a big operation, but the handmade vegan, biodegradable glitters are a one-woman show, founded by 20-year-old Sarah Chacon when she was 18," she said. "Slayfire glitters are safe for eyes, face, body, hair — wherever — and the supershiny particles stay put but rinse off easily with water. And they're only $5-15 a pop."

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