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What It's Like Reopening a Nail Salon Amid COVID-19

What It's Really Like For Nail-Salon Owners and Employees Reopening Amid COVID-19

What It's Like Reopening a Nail Salon Amid COVID-19

Despite many nail salons being permitted to resume business, the day-to-day for employees is very different from what they were used to. Still, many technicians and business owners couldn't wait to get back. "We have adjusted our expectations and realize this is going to be a longer-term challenge for our business up until a vaccine is made available," Hong said. "Not being naive about the situation is empowering, but it also requires fiscal austerity for a small business like ours as we look to come out of this year really, with a long-term runway ahead."

"I have to admit that reopening was a whirlwind of emotions," Kourtesis said of Chillhouse's reopening day on July 15. The salon, which is widely known as a space where people can come, grab a drink at the cafe, and work on their laptop, can no longer permit guests to linger in the space, but prebooked nail appointments are back in action. "We've missed our clients and our team, and overall we're all happy to be back at Chillhouse."

Despite the challenges that they've had to conquer over the last few months, most are hopeful their salons and clients will be able to evolve and adapt to the new "normal."

"We hope that New Yorkers find their way back to the city — a place like this feeds off the energy of its people, particularly small businesses and the hospitality space. We need our customers and fans more than ever," Hong said.

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