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Ryan Gosling's 5 Tattoos and Their Meanings

The Meanings Behind Ryan Gosling's 5 Known Tattoos

Ryan Gosling's 5 Tattoos and Their Meanings

Check out Gosling's inner left bicep: tucked under his T-shirt you'll see that he has an outline tattoo of a woman ghost posing next to a skeleton. While he has never confirmed its meaning, the design is said to be modeled after a famous photo of Hollywood actor Theda Bara, who starred in films from 1914 to 1926.

Ryan Gosling's "Esme" Hand Tattoo

Gosling has a subtle set of finger tattoos on the knuckles of his left hand that spell out "Esme" — his nickname for his daughter Esmeralda. Fans speculated that this most recent tattoo, which he got in 2015, was temporary, but others believe the ink is permanent. He has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors.

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