The Best Hair Products TikTok Users Are Loving Right Now — All Under $15

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You may look at TikTok as a platform where you can easily brush up on all the new dance crazes and viral challenges, but it can also be a treasure trove for all kinds of beauty advice from skin care to makeup. While creators like Skincare by Hyram thrive on TikTok for their commitment to teaching the followers about the ingredients in the buzziest products, the platform also has a strong community of users willing to share a few hair-care tips too.

In the same way that you can turn to the app's dedicated community of skin-care fanatics for information and reviews on some of the best (and most affordable) skin-care products out there, one scroll through its for you page will likely leave you with a list of several hair-care products that thousands of users swear by — and the best thing is that they're typically drugstore products that fall under $15.

From shampoos to leave-in conditioners to hair masks, read ahead to see which under $15 hair-care products have left their mark on the TikTok community.