6 TikTok-Approved Holding Hairsprays Worth Trying — All Under $15

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Whenever we're in search of some quality beauty products, we can always count on TikTok's community of beauty fanatics to clue us in on all the goodies that are worth purchasing. The app is good for introducing us to everything from drugstore makeup products to cult skin-care favorites to, now, holding hairsprays.

One of the most important things that comes into play when selecting a hairspray is its ability to hold and lock a specific style into place, and the products ahead not only do that, but they're also available at any drugstore for fewer than $15. From strong hairsprays that can keep lace wigs in place all day to those that are good for locking down flyaways, read ahead to see some of the best TikTok-approved holding hairsprays worth buying.