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Rihanna's French Manicure

Rihanna Is the Latest Celebrity to Bring Back This 2000s Nail Trend

Rihanna just tried the 2000s-inspired french manicure trend, joining other celebrities like Khloé Kardashian and Ariana Grande as megafans of the look. While the singer usually opts for more daring beauty choices (who could forget her lavender jade nail art?), the star posted a selfie with the popular style.

She said in her caption that it's been a busy and overwhelming year, possibly due to her budding acting, fashion-designing, and beauty-brand-building career. One benefit of the french manicure is that flaws like chips are less noticeable with the neutral shades than with darker polishes, making the look ideal for anyone short on time who may not be able to go to the salon frequently.

While we'll never get tired of Rihanna's bolder nail looks, it's obvious the french manicure is a great choice for even the busiest people. Check out her nails above.

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