Rowan Blanchard's "Ballet-Slipper" Nails Have a Fun 3D Detail

Rowan Blanchard is here to remind you that she is an endless source of nail-art inspo. The actor's nail artist, Mei Kawajiri, shared photos of her new 3D nails, and the set combined a few trends into one look.

Blanchard's tips were filed into a long square shape with the tip of each finger painted a different shade of pink. A subtle glitter top coat was then added for some extra dimension, and finally, pink and white bows were glued to the middle of each fingernail. This gave the illusion of a french manicure, sans the traditional smile line that is characteristic of the nail look.

Blanchard's nails are a fun nod to the new "ballet-slipper" nails trend. The addition of 3D nail art allows the actor to infuse a bit of her own personality into the manicure. Ballet-slipper nails are yet another iteration of the minimal "clean-girl" nail look that has been trending on social media. Though we are on the precipice of welcoming a grungier, "indie sleaze" beauty aesthetic, you can truly never go wrong with pink nails. Take a closer look at Blanchard's nails below.