Sabrina Carpenter's Makeup Artist Breaks Down Her Signature Look

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Sabrina Carpenter has catapulted even further into stardom over the last few years as she moves away from her Disney-child-star image into a full-blown independent artist. While her résumé continues to lengthen, Carpenter has simultaneously become a Gen-Z beauty icon, with countless users on TikTok trying to re-create her signature makeup look.

"When I think of her, I think of a literal Bratz Doll," content creator Kamille Gregory says in a video discussing Carpenter's beauty aesthetic. "She definitely gives Cloe in real life." The look that has become Carpenter's signature is courtesy of celebrity makeup artist Carolina Gonzalez, who has worked with the star for some of her biggest events like the Grammys, the IHeartRadio Jingle Ball, and more.

"Carpenter's natural features always inspire me and are easy to highlight when creating her looks," Gonzalez tells POPSUGAR. "She does have very delicate characteristics." While she wouldn't go so far as to personally label the look Bratz Doll-inspired, Gonzalez says she can see where people make that connection. "Her makeup is very doll-like with a twist of late '90s and early 2000s inspiration," she says. Ahead, Gonzalez explains how to get Carpenter's signature makeup at home.

About Sabrina Carpenter's Signature Makeup Look

"Sabrina's signature style is glowing skin; flushed cheeks; fluffy, delicate eyes; and a plump lip," Gonzalez says. "These are the [four] elements that are all working together to create that ethereal look she's known for."

Carpenter lends a hand in creating many of her looks, but Gonzalez is still an integral part of the ideation process. "When I work with Sabrina, we always collaborate between the two of us on the final outcome," Gonzalez says. "We have worked together for quite some time now, so Sabrina trusts me to execute her ideas and interpret them into her more glam, over-the-top looks."

How to Get Sabrina Carpenter's Makeup Look

Given that the flushed cheeks and glowy skin are basically the hallmarks of Carpenter's makeup looks, Gonzalez has a few key products that she recommends reaching for to re-create it. "I always turn to the Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Glow Blush ($39) in the shades 50 and 51," she says. "They are different shades of pink that are staples for getting those rosy, doll-like cheeks." She also likes to use the brand's Fluid Sheer Glow Enhancer Highlighter ($42) in the shade two. "This is a must-use product," she says. "It helps to achieve that perfectly glowy skin that is part of Sabrina's signature without being glittery."

Now that you know the exact formula to achieve that undeniable glow that Carpenter always has, go forth and become the main character that you were always destined to be.