Saweetie's Met Gala Hairstyle Combines 2 Trends For the Price of 1

This year's Met Gala is a celebration of some of America's biggest fashion and beauty trends past and present, and Saweetie just combined two of our favorites into one look. The rapper hit the red carpet at Monday night's event wearing a blond, chin-length bob with flipped ends and sparkling hair accessories. Even though this isn't the shortest we've seen the rapper's hair, it's a pretty dramatic departure from her usual beauty looks, and it might be one of our favorite hairstyles we've seen on her so far.

The retro hair flip has been everywhere over the last year, and Saweetie isn't the first to bring it to the red carpet, as even Emma Chamberlain appeared at the event wearing a '60s-style flipped-out lob. Considering the Met Gala's theme this year, we're expecting throwback hairstyles to be out in full force on the red carpet tonight. Get a closer look at Saweetie's bob ahead.