Festival SPF: How to Make Sure You Don't Get Burned

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The hair and makeup, the outfits, the music — all the fabulousness of festival season is in full effect. This also means you're spending a lot of time outside, likely in full sunshine. So just like you prepare those eye-catching looks, taking time to map out your sun-protection strategy should be part of the plan. We're not here to be party poopers — in fact, we're here to make life easier with some sun-care tips and tricks.

Keep reading for tips on how to avoid a sunburn this festival season.

Keep Your SPF Handy, and Reapply

Sorry to make this sound like school, but there are some sunscreen rules to follow. First, you want to choose something with an adequate SPF level. Most dermatologists recommend broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher. It's best to apply it after your moisturizer and 30 minutes before venturing outside. You'll need to reapply it every two hours (more frequently if you're sweating or swimming). SPF formulated for the face is gentler than ones for the body, but if you want to make things easy and save space in your bag, pick one like the Kiehl's Activated Sun Protector Water-Light Lotion For Face & Body ($32) that's good for both. How much do you need? Experts say a nickel-size dollop is adequate for the face and a shot-glass size will do it for your body.

Stay Shaded

Adding a hat to your ensemble will help safeguard your face, eyes, ears, neck, and scalp from the sun's damaging UV rays. Of course, you'll still need to apply sunscreen, but think of a hat as protective insurance — and it may also add a little something-something to your ensemble. Look for a style with a wide enough brim to shield you. As for the fabric, experts recommend something tightly woven so sunlight can't easily make its way through. You can also consider choosing a hat like the Solbari Reversible Ultra Wide Brim Hat UPF 50+ ($55) that has an ultraviolet protection factor, or UPF, built into the fabric to create a barrier between the UV rays and your hair and skin.

Make Your Wardrobe Work For You

You can also go for clothing with UPF. Everything from swimsuits to rash guards (great for doubling as tops) to hoodies has UPF. And if it's something with the protection perk of long sleeves, like this Lands' End UPF 50 Long Sleeve Rash Guard ($60), even better. These fabrics often have the added benefit of moisture wicking as well.

Try Colorful Sunscreen

While it shouldn't replace your regular sunscreen, you can apply a colorful zinc oxide formula like the Zinka Colored Nosecoat ($27) on your nose and cheeks to block UV rays (over your regular SPF). It's like functional face art!

Protect Lips and Hair

Your lips and scalp shouldn't be excluded from your-protection efforts. A lip balm like the Aquaphor Lip Protectant + Sunscreen ($4) with at least an SPF of 15 will keep them cared for with the added bonus of moisture. And the same sunscreen rules apply: reapply every two hours and, when it comes to lips, after you eat or drink. As for your scalp, it's not spared from potential sunburn. Try spraying your hairline, hair, and part (since it's where the scalp is exposed) with a special formula like the Coola Scalp & Hair Mist Organic Sunscreen SPF 30 ($26) that will also shield strands from color-fading UV rays.