The Simple Reason a New Season Makes You Want to Change Your Hair

The transition from summer to fall is fun for a lot of reasons. Take how delicious this year's fall hair-color trends sound, which makes an autumnal hair change sound even more exciting. But have you ever thought about exactly why you're often tempted to change your appearance with the start of a new season? If so, you're not alone.

It turns out, there's a simple reason. "When the weather changes, so does our mindset," hairstylist Michelle Cleveland tells POPSUGAR. "When it's warm, we think about light, bright colors and when it gets cold, we think dark, matte tones. This change helps most of us feel like we are transitioning our hair the same way we do our wardrobe. It's really just about fashion."

"When it's warm, we think about light bright colors and when it gets cold, we think dark, matte tones."

Whether we're talking about fashion, nail colors, or hair, we often associate dark, moody colors with colder weather, and brighter colors with warmer weather. It's why so many of us like to go blond and wear bold colors in the summer months and why colors like "black espresso" and "chocolate almond" tend to thrive in the winter.

"Typically, most [of my] clients want to bring down the depth of their color so if they are a bright blonde they are looking to add some lowlights," Cleveland says. "If they are brunette with highlights, they are looking to fill those brighter pieces in."

If the weather currently has you feeling like going dark and you're in the mood to make a bold hair change, Cleveland's advice is to start small first. "The biggest mistake I usually see is when a client who can't be blond enough during the summer tells me they want to be completely brunette for fall," she says. "I usually insist they start with some low lights rather than a complete overhaul. If they can handle seeing some darker tones dimensionally then they're ready for it, but 99 percent of the time they panic and want the blond back."

Of course, choosing a new hair color can be pretty overwhelming, so if you need a little help in that department check the shades experts recommend right now.