The Best Short Haircuts For Curly Hair, According to the Pros

  • Deciding on a short, curly hairstyle can feel impossible.
  • However, curly hair is much more versatile than some may think.
  • Ahead, we asked professional hairstylists to break down the best short, curly haircuts and styles.

There's just something about spring that makes getting a haircut feel especially refreshing. It could be the promise of warmer weather — and knowing that shorter hair means not having to deal with stray hairs sticking to the back of your neck. It could also be the general idea of starting fresh with a new hairstyle. Whatever your reasoning, if you're looking for hair inspiration — especially if you have naturally curly or textured hair — you've come to the right place.

Believe it or not, there's a lot you can do with short, curly hair. Styles range from the bob (a tried-and-true style), the curly shag haircut (a gorgeous, effortlessly cool curly cut with bangs), and even a curly pixie (a chic, low cut that looks good on pretty much everyone). In short, whether you're long overdue for a haircut or just want a fresh look, you definitely have options. Ahead, we asked professional hairstylists to break down some of the most popular short, curly hairstyles.

Types of Short, Curly Hairstyles

  • Curly pixie
  • Curly bob
  • Curly "shift" haircut
  • Curly shag
  • "Disconnected" short, curly cut
  • Curly mullet

The Pixie

Pixie cuts are pretty drastic, but they're worth the change if you want a style that's chic and easy to manage. "The pixie cut is totally chic and no-fuss when it comes to styling," celebrity hairstylist and Unite ambassador Graham Nation told POPSUGAR. "While wet, apply a detangling spray and rough dry into place. Once dry, add a small amount of pomade for a light hold that will last all day."

The Bob

Bobs are simple, but they're also versatile and look different on every person. If you have a curly bob, hairstylist Devin Toth recommends wearing it down, with your curls defined. "You can scrunch it or twist sections of hair into smoother and thicker coils," he told POPSUGAR.

The "Shift"

The "Shift"

The "shift" haircut has gained popularity this spring because of its raw, choppy look, which looks amazing on curly hair.

"The 'shift' [has] versatile styling options — from something edgy and raw to extremely polished and sophisticated," Adam Federico, R+Co's director of content, told POPSUGAR. "The haircut can be finished to suit the individual's personality and meet them for who they are within that day."

The Shag

The shag haircut has made a well-deserved comeback over the past year, and we've seen it in a handful of variations, including the curly shag. "The two popular shag styles are the ultra curly, ultra layered, and then straight, with long curtain bangs that sweep," Toth said. "The curly shag is very round, with a pure release of texture. It will be a seamless transition from bangs, to short layers, to long layers, to bottom length."

The "Disconnected" Cut

If you've never heard of this hair trend, don't worry — it's not as scary as it sounds. We first began seeing "disconnected" haircuts pop up this past winter, and it's essentially a haircut that isn't all one length.

"A cut we'll begin to see as we move into the spring and summer months is layered and disconnected short haircuts," Edward Tricomi of Warren Tricomi Salons, told POPSUGAR. "Disconnected short haircuts are when the underneaths are cut out and the tops are much longer."

The Mullet

We never thought we'd be saying this, but the mullet haircut is back and bigger than ever — although it's been given a bit of an upgrade since it first became popular in the late '80s.

"The definition of a mullet is short at the front and sides and long in the back," Riawna Capri, celebrity hairstylist and cofounder of Nine Zero One Salon, told POPSUGAR. "This haircut is for someone who is confident, who steps outside the box, and whose style is on the edgier side."