Siren Eyes: How to Get the TikTok Trend

POPSUGAR Photography | Izzie Deibe
POPSUGAR Photography | Izzie Deibe
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If you've got TikTok and love makeup trends, you've probably come across the term "siren eyes" on your FYP in the last few weeks. The makeup look promises to change your eye shape with just a strategic flick of eyeliner — and transform your entire vibe. Siren eyes go beyond your typical cat-eye, sometimes extending the line all the way down toward the area between tear duct and bridge of your nose.

This is meant to elongate the eye shape for a sexy effect that's been described on the app as "dangerously beautiful." Which makes sense: In Greek mythology, a siren is a creature (known to be either half-bird or half-mermaid and half-woman) that uses its beauty and sex appeal to lure passing sailors to their deaths. While we, of course, don't encourage manipulation, a siren makeup look is the perfect way to give you that magnetic appeal that draws people in.

If you're interested in trying the trend yourself, we asked makeup artist and beauty influencer Dani G to break down exactly how to achieve siren eyes — plus the products that will help get you there.

How to Do Siren-Eyes Makeup

Siren-eyes makeup is sharp, fierce, and mysterious and aims to elongate the eyes with eyeliner and shadow. To create the look, you're going to need tape, eyeshadow primer, a variation of brown eyeshadows, bronzer, liquid eyeliner, and mascara (or fake eyelashes).

"The siren-eyes trend is about looking seductive, sultry, and snatched," Dani says. "I use an eyeshadow primer all over my lid to keep any oils that could smudge my eyeliner at bay. Then, take a strip of tape and secure it from underneath your bottom eyelashes and angle it toward your temple. After that, you're going to dust a pale-ish shade of brown all over your eyelid before starting to build definition with a darker shade along the lash line and blending outwards along the tape. I always opt for a neutral or warm brown to keep the look quite subdued and not too overwhelming."

The key, she adds, is not to overpower the lid with pigment and color, since the real focus will be on the inner and outer corner of your eye.

POPSUGAR Photography | Izzie Deibe

The next step is eyeliner. If you're not an eyeliner pro, the best advice is to use a liner with a thin and precise tip. That way, you're less likely to make a mess and you can build up the thickness as you gain confidence. "The type of liner you choose really depends on whether you want it to look smoky or intense," she says. "Feel free to experiment with different angles, thickness, and length of the liner. I like to keep my siren eyes sharp, so I opt for a precision-tip liquid liner." She recommends the Push Poppin' Liner from Doll Beauty in Black Liquorice ($12.

"You want to start at the inner corner of your eye and flick outward to your tear duct to create a small cat eye on the inner corner of your eye. Then, take the liner and begin lining across the lid and continuing along the edge of the tape, creating the desired winged shape and filling in the gaps."

Then, make sure you wait until the liner is dry before peeling back the tape to reveal the sharp, elongated eyeliner. Before going in with mascara, I neatened up my liner with some concealer and dragged a little bit of black eyeshadow under the outer corner of my bottom lashes to make the look a little more cohesive.

Then, "Finish off the femme-fatale vibe with lashings of black mascara. Or, if you're feeling extra glam, you can use a half lash." We like the Ardell Demi Wispies False Eyelashes ($11). If you're using faux lashes, though, Dani has a tip: "I simply trim a third of them off and then apply the rest to the outer corners of my eyes."

Siren-Eyes Verdict

The siren-eyes look isn't something I'd wear every day, but it's definitely good to have in my arsenal when I want to feel extra sexy. For someone who hasn't even mastered a regular wing, it's the most complex and alluring eye look I've ever done. I had to try this look twice to get it even close to the ones I've seen on TikTok, but it's not as difficult as it seems once you get the hang of it.

I paired this eye makeup with lots of bronzer and a red, glossy lip to add extra sass. It would also look great with a slick bun or ponytail to make your face look even more snatched. One thing to be aware of before trying siren eyes is that you'll need to trust the process throughout. It looks very messy, but it will all come together nicely once the tape is off and your mascara (or faux lash) is on.

POPSUGAR Photography | Izzie Deibe