The Ultimate 31-Day Skin Care Challenge

Be honest: you maybe didn't have the best skin care habits in 2015. Perhaps you went to bed with makeup on, popped a few pimples, and even skipped sunscreen (tsk-tsk!). But a new year is all about new beginnings, right? So, take this opportunity to turn the worst skin care nightmares into a monthlong challenge. Hopefully by February you'll have mastered some new antiaging habits — like drinking eight glasses of water a day — that you'll continue practicing for the rest of the year. Plus, we promise these 31 beauty resolutions will be much easier to stick to than going to the gym four or five times a week. Keep reading to learn tricks and tips to make 2016 your best skin year yet!

The Challenge
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The Challenge

  1. Treat yourself to a posthangover sheet mask.
  2. Stock your bedside stand with makeup-remover wipes.
  3. Try an at-home peel.
  4. Make your own blackhead-fighting nose strip.
  5. Drink at least eight glasses of water every day this week.
  6. Refrigerate and apply an eye roller ball.
  7. Mix your own rosewater spritz.
  8. Visit a dermatologist for a mole check.
  9. Use coconut oil from head to toe.
  10. Use an antiaging tool to get taut skin.
  11. Purchase a new skin care find from your favorite drugstore.
  12. Challenge yourself to apply sunscreen every day this week.
  13. Mix a DIY mask using fresh fruits or vegetables.
  14. Whip up a customized concoction of essential oils.
  15. Dry-brush from head to toe.
  16. Wash your face with honey.
  17. Throw out all your expired skin care products.
  18. Try a shape-shifting cleanser.
  19. Outfit your handheld cell phone with a wireless headset.
  20. Skip makeup for an entire weekend.
  21. DIY your own self-tanner.
  22. Swap out your toner for an essence.
  23. Treat your hands and feet to a paraffin treatment.
  24. Give snail extract a try.
  25. Drink a charcoal juice for better skin.
  26. Get at least seven hours of sleep each night for the next week.
  27. Master the double-cleansing method using a face oil.
  28. Give your neck a skin care treatment.
  29. Clean your makeup brushes.
  30. Make a sugar body scrub and use it from top to bottom.
  31. Splurge on a spa facial including extractions.