The '90s Called and Said Spiky Updos Deserve Another Chance

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It's no secret that the '90s are back in culture and fashion. But if you ever doubted it for a second, there are countless beauty trends to look to for proof, like butterfly hair clips, lower-back tattoos, and '90s supermodel lips. Enter: the return of the spiky updo.

Spiky updos were modeled by stars like Claire Danes and Victoria Beckham in the early aughts, and today, they can be seen on celebs like Jennifer Lopez, Adrienne Bailon-Houghton, and Megan Thee Stallion. So what does the hair trend entail?

"Spiky updos are a late-'90s or early-'00s hairstyle that involves twisting your hair into shapes and leaving the ends out in spikes," celebrity hairstylist Clayton Hawkins tells POPSUGAR. "It's been trending for over a year now due in part to Gen Z's fascination with all things Y2K." The look became a pop culture staple when hair accessories were having a major moment in the '90s and '00 and people got creative. "As a result of the increased use of hair clips, people started twisting and shaping their hair into fun updos," Hawkins explains. "The resulting spikes were a happy accident."

If you're wondering what exactly it takes to get your own spiky updo, Hawkins has a few tips. "Make sure your hair is straightened before you begin any spiky updo. The ends need to be bone straight in order to get the spiking effect," he says. You'll also need bobby pins that are in a shade similar to your hair color, a gel that doesn't flake or leave residue, and a mousse. Once you've gathered your products, you're ready to begin.

"Start the style by applying a good mousse like the Dove Style+Care Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse ($7, originally $10) to your dry hair," Hawkins says. "It sounds crazy, but it's going to kill the flyaways and make it easier to sculpt your hair in the way that you want it." After the mousse is properly worked into your hair, secure it into a tight high ponytail. "Once your ponytail is secured, grab a good gel and coat the ponytail section in it," Hawkins says. "Then, separate the hair into three sections and take each section — one at a time — and twist it up. Make sure to use the bobby pins to secure each of them." Finally, Hawkins advises leaving the end bits of each section so they can fan out. "Make sure to coat the ends in a good hairspray to secure," he adds.

Like any hair trend, should you give this a spin for yourself, the goal is to have fun with the look. This hairstyle, in particular, is an easy way to flex your creativity — so there's no "wrong" way to do it. As Hawkins says, "make it your own and have fun with it."

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